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Christian Based Sex Addiction Treatment Center

Boulder Recovery is a reputed Christian-based sex addiction treatment center with state-of-the-art amenities and highly effective therapies. We use biblical teachings and prayer sessions to help men overcome their behavioral shortcomings.

Top reasons to sign up for Christian addiction treatment

Addiction to sex affects men across all demographics and religions. Christian addiction treatment addresses pornography and Christians and provides a safe environment for individuals to heal from addiction with like-minded individuals. Our Christian porn addiction treatment in Boulder helps individuals embrace a healthier lifestyle by equipping them with Christian values. Some of the benefits of our Christian addiction treatment include:

  1. Lowered anxiety
  2. A positive outlook on life
  3. Healthy coping skills
  4. Ability to manage stress
  5. Lower relapse rates

Our treatment prioritizes strengthening one’s relationship with the creator and helps them overcome addiction through spiritual enlightenment. Not to mention, faith-based recovery fosters comradery between spiritually like-minded individuals and solidifies their commitment to leading a healthy and Christian lifestyle in the long term.

What are the symptoms of sex addiction?

One of the major characteristics of sex addiction is the secrecy of behaviors. Individuals addicted to sex develop a skill for hiding their behavior quite well from spouses, partners, and family members. Men battling sex addiction also experience one or many of the following signs:

  1. Obsessive sexual thoughts and fantasies
  2. Compulsive relations with multiple partners
  3. Spending several hours a day thinking about or having sex
  4. Obsession with sex interferes with daily life, performance at work, and productivity
  5. inability to stop or control compulsive sexual behaviors

Putting others in danger, feeling remorse after the act, or experiencing negative personal or professional consequences are additional  warning signs of sex addiction. It is important to seek timely help for compulsive sexual behaviors to prevent them from causing relationship strains.

What makes us the #1 rehab for sex addiction in Colorado? 

We offer help for porn-addicted Christians with a highly effective 14-day intensive program. Some of the qualities that make us the #1 treatment center for addiction to pornography include:

  • Daily meditation

We use mindfulness meditation and guided meditation to increase focus, concentration, and awareness. The technique also brings about calmness and encourages non-reactivity, encouraging recovering addicts to focus on the present and clear their traumatic past. 

  • Bible study and prayer

Our Boulder Colorado sex addiction therapist for men helps individuals heal from sex addiction through spiritual transformation. By guiding individuals to re-establish their connection with God, we empower them with the strength, support, and clarity to work through their behavioral health challenges. We impart Christian values in individuals through bible study sessions, daily prayer and reflection sessions, and ministerial counseling.

  • Experienced mentors

Our compassionate, friendly, and highly skilled team of psychiatrists, Christian mentors, and counselors work in a 1-on-1 and group setting and help men heal from sex/porn/masturbation addiction.

Get in touch with us at 720-902-9919 to join the leading Christian-based sex addiction treatment center. Boulder Recovery uses a science-based approach to treating sexual addiction via the TINSA model and helps patients overcome sex and pornography addiction with a 14-day intensive healing program.

Christian Based Sex Addiction Treatment Center
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Christian Based Sex Addiction Treatment Center
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