Dental Myths to Consider When Deciding To Go To A Dentist

My dentist warned me to avoid cavities. So I should avoid sugar!

Technically, your dentist said “cavities” and not “sugar”.  Sugar by itself does not cause cavities though. The acid produced by bacteria inside your mouth is the one that causes the cavities - not sugar.  Carbohydrates trigger or signal the bacteria to make acid.  So, whenever you eat anything with carbohydrates – like sugar – you are basically cheering the bacteria to create cavities.  Your West Covina dentist recommends to always maintain flossing and brushing your teeth. Contact us today to schedule a check-up for any dental services (cleaning, teeth whitening, dental veneers, etc.)

Chewing an aspirin tablet will relieve toothache. There’s no need to go to the dentist!

Our West Covina dentist mention that chewing an aspirin or letting it sit in your mouth next to a pain-throbbing tooth will actually cause more pain.  Aspirin is only effective when it is swallowed.  In addition to aspirin, cosmetic dentist recommends rinsing with salt water to help relieve pain.  Contact our emergency dentist if the pain persists.

My teeth don’t hurt and looks fine. Why bother going to the dentist?

Your West Covina emergency dentist still recommends to schedule an appointment.  Tooth decay does not show any symptoms during its early stages.  Pain with tooth decay suggests that the decay has progressed on to the advanced stage, which may require more intense treatments (e.g. a root canal, dental veneers, emergency surgery, etc).  Even if it does not hurt, you should still make an appointment with your dentist regularly. [MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY]

If my gums are bleeding, I should stop brushing and flossing.

Bleeding gums are no fun but that doesn’t mean that you should stop brushing and flossing.  In most cases, bleeding gum is due to plaque build-up.  So, keep brushing and flossing – but do it gently.  If the bleeding continues still, it is best to go get a diagnosis with your emergency dentist.

Wisdom teeth must always be removed.  

Wisdom teeth are an evolutionary trait we got from our ancestors.  Although it is treated like our very own appendix or tail bone, wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed if it is properly aligned and maintained.  #AllTeethMatters

Baby teeth fall off anyways. There’s no need to see the dentist.

Parents are encouraged to bring their kids to see the dentist.  Also, parents can learn how to start early with healthy dental habits and problems can be detected early if it appears.

Teeth whitening damages teeth.

Whitening does no damage to the tooth enamel.  A professional emergency dentist performs this to help you achieve that dream smile.  Smile Center West Covina also offers deep cleaning, dental veneers, and other dental services.

Chewing gum is just as good as brushing.

Some gums contain a natural sugar substitute for xylitol (has been shown to prevent tooth decay).  But, chewing gum is no better than brushing and flossing.  So your West Covina cosmetic dentist recommends to always brush and floss everyday. Also, don't forget to schedule a deep cleaning with us at our Smile Center West Covina location.

I’m too old for braces.  

An orthodontist may mostly have patients who are children or teenagers. But you can wear braces at any age.  Your dentist can improve your the bite function and appearance at any age. In addition to braces, your West Covina Dentist recommends invisalign as another option to straighten teeth.

The harder I brush the better.

Brushing hard may cause damage to the tooth enamel.  Instead, the LONGER you brush is better.  The recommended time spent in brushing your teeth is about two minutes. It helps if you sing a song in your head or listen to a song that is two minutes long.  

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