At Smile Center West Covina:

First impressions start with a great smile and nobody takes that more seriously than Dr. Ebi Nikjoo and his team of experts at the Smile Center in West Covina. Offering a wide variety of dental services, Smile Center is the place for your complete oral hygiene needs as well as any reconstructive surgery. For some, going to the dentist is far from a pleasant experience but with Dr. Nikjoo (Dr. Nik) you can be assured that all your concerns will be addressed leaving you relaxed and confident that you are in good hands. Your smile matters so let the expertise of Dr. Nik and his staff give you a grin to be proud of.

Customer satisfaction is Smile Center’s top priority. There are a plethora of dental options so choosing the right dentist in West Covina can be a harrowing experience. Rest assured, Smile Center treats you with the utmost respect giving you the confidence of knowing that you made the right choice. From the moment you walk into the office, the staff is gracious and accommodating. They know that your time is valuable so they work hard to see that your appointment takes precedence. Whether it’s for a routine cleaning or a tooth ache, Smile Center regards all patients with the care and dignity that they deserve. Your smile is the first thing people see when you walk in the door, Dr. Nik will make sure that your grin will leave a lasting, genuine impression.

"Finally a dental office that treats you like family. Dr. Nikjoo and his staff are very patient and caring."

-Anthony L.

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Using the latest dental technology and state of the art equipment, Smile Center can save you time and money by preforming many procedures in just one visit. Using CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) an advanced way to create dental restorations, allows Dr. Nik to construct, produce, and insert ceramic repairs chairside in one, single appointment. Fast, effective, and most importantly safe is the objective with this technology and Smile Center is committed to giving you optimal care in less time. Even Dr. Nik knows that no one wants to sit in the dental chair any longer than they have to.

Digital x-rays are also a part of the advanced technology provided by Smile Center. Digital imagery is more beneficial to the patient not only by reducing harmful radiation, but it also allows the dentist to have a more accurate view of your teeth enabling an in-depth examination. Top of the line equipment, sophisticated technology, and a highly trained staff all work together to give you a positive dental experience. Dr. Nik has a passion for his profession and his constant strive to be the best in his field is evident. That’s the reason why many people in the West Covina area chose Dr. Nik over any other dentist.

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Handling all cosmetic dentistry needs from invisalign to veneer or lumineers, as well as root canals, implants and crowns, Smile Center will work with you to provide the financing necessary that’s affordable. To learn more about Smile Center and Dr. Nik, please visit their website,